Thursday, July 12, 2018

super new moon in cancer...

...and a Grand Earth Trine, along with a Mars/Uranus square.  Read all about it here. She's far better at explaining this than I am.

Blogging has been on my mind for a few months now. I started an Instagram account specific to my healing journey, but it's fallen off my list of Things to Update. Mainly because my food photos are uninteresting and I really don't care to look at other peoples food photos. So I will axe that account & move my musings on healing to this blogspace.

In addition to healing, I will be chronicling my crafty and creative pursuits. Everything from soaping and skincare to sewing, knitting and jewelry design. If you prefer Instagram, find me there as SeelieDarcy.

I'm posting this now, with the fairies as my witnesses, an imperfect jumble of words behind which lie great intent. Because now is a great time, it is perhaps a perfect time. So I welcome to The Court all the magic, all the fairies and all the good vibes.

With the energy of this intense moon I am planting seeds in this blogspace for expansion, expression, healing and magic. 

....for the good of all, and the free will of all, so mote it be. 


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumnal Equinox 2012

Happy Equinox! Happy Birthday Blog!!

It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by since I started blogging at Seelie Court. Such a year it's been, so many life changes.... births, deaths, transplants (us, from West to East), awakenings, hurdles, reunions and farewells. Such a bittersweet year, such a growing up year. I'm so grateful for the love I'm surrounded by always, family and fae. Even more than ever do I realize that distance does not mean much at all to ties that bind. True love friendships last forever, even if they evolve and wander.

Seelie Herbal Remedies is becoming Seelie Naturals (Seelie Jewelry and Seelie Soap to start). Florida is SO VERY DIFFERENT than California. In more ways than I can say, so I won't even try. But the magic is strong here, the fairies just a bit wilder. Not to gripe or whine, but the state itself has very strange laws which are making the legalities of Seelie Naturals a bit more of a challenge. I have been provided with some limitations that are inspiring more creativity (along with frustration). //Until I am officially a Cosmetics Manufacturer I cannot sell my products, which are all considered cosmetics. //

This huge limitation has allowed me to revisit an earlier incarnation of my self - that of jewelry designer. I've never set the jewelry tools down, but I did change my focus from jewelry to herbal remedies... and now I'm becoming a hybrid jeweler/herbalist/aromatherapist. I'm exploring themes I have dabbled with over the past few years (aroma jewelery, natural fibers, recycled materials) and bringing back the old loves (gemstones, pearls and metals).

In addition to the jewelry I will be developing some amazing soaps. Real, old fashioned soap. I've evaded soaping for years now, choosing to Just Not Go There probably for fear of Never Turning Back. Maybe it's the image of the old gypsy stirring her cauldron of lye and fats, I don't know. All I know is that the fairies are determined to help me help others Smell Good Naturally, so they've worked their magic and I will be soaping. With my mother!! Two old gypsies, the crone and the mother, cackling and mumbling over a shared cauldron. I can't wait to share Seelie Soap with all of you. Soon, dearies. Soon. (Soap is not considered a cosmetic. Neither is jewelry!)

So the Equinox... I'm balancing the new/old/growing skills to create a magical life for our future. So Seelie. Thank you to the fairies, the Universe, GaiaEarth and my chosen and blood family.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 Happy Earth Day

Growing Wiser Promise to Myself: I will age with grace and fairy magic. I will teach my daughter to recognize natural beauty and find peace with myself in order to reinforce those teachings. By example. Healthy lifestyle. Naturally maintained skin, radiant seelie glow. Dancing swimming skipping playing = fit figure.

It is the day after earth day. The day after my 43rd birthday. Seelie is putting down roots on another coast. Big move. Adjustment.  Full circle we return to the land of our youth. 
Patience. Seelie will thrive. The seeds have been planted and will be well nourished with: sunshine, fresh clean air, ocean breezes and the love of generations.

There is something so refreshing about the smell of magnolias.... lemony and floral and cool, not cloying and sticky. The little sprite loves the magnolia and knows the scent can't be bottled, however that does not mean I won't try and capture a memory of the bloom. And I'm in love with confederate jasmine. Smells like my youth, my backyard and fun frolicking.


Friday, January 6, 2012

deodorant cream

This is how it all began...
I'd been blending essential oils for many years, using natural products from Beautyland (and the local health food store), eating healthy and purifying my living space and my body. I was happy. Except I hadn't found an effective deodorant. And I had tried many things. Anti-perspirant was out of the question, as well as any synthetic ingredient.
So I set to work on creating my own deodorant. It couldn't be any less effective than those I had already tried. After a bit of experimentation I figured it out. Then I fiddled and blended and really perfected it.
A totally natural and effective deodorant. I shared it with my family and close friends. They fell in love. I think you will, too.

Seelie Herbal Remedies Deodorant Cream with flowers and clay
A unique cream deodorant

Key Ingredients
Kaolin Clay soothes irritation and absorbs impurities, leaving skin feeling powdery fresh.
Rose and lavender flower powder calm skin.
Aluminum-free baking soda  effectively neutralizes odor.
Shea butter nourishes delicate underarm skin.
Seelie essential oil blend imparts a clean, fresh scent while providing anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and deodorant effect.

How to
Warm a small amount of Deodorant Cream between your fingertips (the shea butter base will quickly melt with your body heat) and apply to underarms. Rinse fingertips with water only, leaving a residue of shea butter behind which you can then rub into cuticles and hands.

Yes. You must touch your underarms.

This product works best on clean, warm skin - so after the shower or bath is the perfect time to apply. It should not irritate freshly shaved skin, but please wait a few hours after waxing.
Deodorant Cream works wonderfully on feet as well... but due to the nourishing shea butter it may leave your tootsies a bit slippery. So be careful.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice

themes ~ honoring the darkness, welcoming the light

The shortest day and longest nite of the year, Winter Solstice has been celebrated throughout the ages. It is a festive time of year, usually involving much revelry and gift-giving. It feels like the right thing to do... to enjoy ourselves as much as possible during this dark time so that our joy will help welcome the light back into the world.

There are some traditions that focus on the battle between the dark and the light, and we are shown that both are valuable... they live because of one another. So on this, the longest nite, honor the darkness before you call in the light. Recognize and release any resentments, regrets or other unpleasanties that have burdened you this year. Say farewell, thank them, and know they will be transformed.

Create an image representing that which you want to release (words, drawings, etc). Spend a few moments with this image, then bid it farewell by setting it on fire. (safely) Scatter the ashes.

Now breathe, smile and embrace the light of the new season/year without that heavy weight. Create another image (or list) of what you'd like to manifest in the new season/year. Keep it, bury it, do what feels right with that list. Just remember it!

Candles, glitter, twinkle lights, evergreens, rosemary, cinnamon, clove.... (some images and aromas to inspire at this time)


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Solid Essences

Solid Essences

Apply to wrists, neck and above the heart. Solid essences are not overpowering and can be worn in combination or even with other fragrances. Blended to provide specific emotional support, these remedies are designed to be experienced by the wearer (and anyone who hugs or nuzzles them).
All natural essential oil blends in a jojoba oil and beeswax base. Made with a touch of fairy magic.

Joy - Uplifting and eternally feminine rose harmonizes with herbal lavender and warm subtle resins. (Limited edition yuletide blend, 2011)

Rose (Bulgarian + Damascena)

Serenity - Lavender and neroli calm and soothe, while frankincense and subtle resins provide a mellow tone.


Monday, October 10, 2011

emollient oils, nourishing butters, etc

Argan oil - Expeller pressed. High in Vitamin E, loaded with antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids. Anti-wrinkle and moisture-boosting, said to minimize acne and eczema. Great for hair, skin, nails.

Tamanu oil - Cold pressed. Said to minimize acne, psoriasis and eczema. Has antimicrobial qualities and has been used to treat everything from shingles to diaper rash! Works wonderfully heal and fade scars and stretch marks.

Kukui nut oil - Cold pressed/partially refined. (Kukui means "enlightened" in Hawaiian) Contains antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. Used to treat eczema, psoriasis, aging skin, acne. Great for scalp and hair.

Grapeseed oil - Expeller pressed. Great for sensitive skins, lightweight and protective.

Jojoba oil - Cold pressed, unrefined. Similar in structure to human sebum, this gentle oil helps protect and soothe damaged skin.

Coconut Oil - Extra-Virgin, unrefined.

Sunflower Seed oil (calendula, plantain, elderflower infused) - Expeller pressed, partially refined. Rich in vitamins A, B, D & E, unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin. Used to treat and heal dry, damaged skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Castor oil (floral infused - lavender, rose, calendula, elderflower) - Expeller pressed, refined. Works as a barrier to protect and condition dry, damaged skin.

Sweet Almond oil - Expeller pressed. Lightweight and soothing, rich in fatty acids.

Sea Buckthorn oil - Steam distilled. Contains Antioxidants, Beta-Carotene, Vitamins C, A, B & E, essential fatty acids, flavonoids and phytosterols. Helps address aging skin, minimizes wrinkles and aids in healing eczema and damaged skin. Provides UVB protection.

Rose Hip Seed oil - Cold pressed. High contents of Vitamins A & E and essential fatty acids. Rich in linoleic and linolenic acids (which the skin cannot manufacture on its own). Said to fade dark spots (hyperpigmentation) and reduce wrinkles, this oil is well-known for its anti-aging benefits. Aids in healing eczema and psoriasis and moisturizes and repairs dry, brittle hair and nails.

Shea Butter Niloteca - Fair trade, Certified Organic. Unrefined. Natural sunscreen, high in antioxidants and fatty acids. Softens and smooths skin, hair and nails. Anti-inflammatory.

Shea nut oil - Expeller pressed/refined. Shea oil is produced when the shea nut is pressed for shea butter. Although not as emollient it still provides the benefits of shea butter.

Beeswax - Naturally hydrating, soothing and healing. Beeswax helps to bind moisture to the skin quite effectively while softening and protecting.