Friday, January 6, 2012

deodorant cream

This is how it all began...
I'd been blending essential oils for many years, using natural products from Beautyland (and the local health food store), eating healthy and purifying my living space and my body. I was happy. Except I hadn't found an effective deodorant. And I had tried many things. Anti-perspirant was out of the question, as well as any synthetic ingredient.
So I set to work on creating my own deodorant. It couldn't be any less effective than those I had already tried. After a bit of experimentation I figured it out. Then I fiddled and blended and really perfected it.
A totally natural and effective deodorant. I shared it with my family and close friends. They fell in love. I think you will, too.

Seelie Herbal Remedies Deodorant Cream with flowers and clay
A unique cream deodorant

Key Ingredients
Kaolin Clay soothes irritation and absorbs impurities, leaving skin feeling powdery fresh.
Rose and lavender flower powder calm skin.
Aluminum-free baking soda  effectively neutralizes odor.
Shea butter nourishes delicate underarm skin.
Seelie essential oil blend imparts a clean, fresh scent while providing anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and deodorant effect.

How to
Warm a small amount of Deodorant Cream between your fingertips (the shea butter base will quickly melt with your body heat) and apply to underarms. Rinse fingertips with water only, leaving a residue of shea butter behind which you can then rub into cuticles and hands.

Yes. You must touch your underarms.

This product works best on clean, warm skin - so after the shower or bath is the perfect time to apply. It should not irritate freshly shaved skin, but please wait a few hours after waxing.
Deodorant Cream works wonderfully on feet as well... but due to the nourishing shea butter it may leave your tootsies a bit slippery. So be careful.

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