About Seelie Herbal Remedies

— pl n, good benevolent fairies
— adj, a) of or belonging to the seelie b) good and benevolent like the seelie

Seelie Herbal Remedies are completely natural, mostly organic and decidedly delightful. Handcrafted in small batches and with nature's own preservatives, they are gentle and effective. Perfect for all folk (fey or not).

Seelie is about beauty. It is about nurture and care. It is about nature. Seelie is about smelling good. always. Seelie is about seasons. Seelie is about magic. Seelie is about Smelling Good Naturally.

Darcy (creator, proprietress)

Darcy was raised by a mother who loved to create. She sewed, cooked, made jewelry and countless other things. "I can make this" her mother would say after trying a new and delicious dish at a restaurant. Darcy inherited that trait. She sewed, she cooked, she made jewelry (and still does) and countless other things. And she grew up.

As an adult, Darcy followed a Path of Beauty. She worked in the beauty industry, aka Beautyland. She was the girl who sold you lipstick and the woman who designed the products your facialist uses on your skin. Along the way she acquired lots of skills and titles: Aesthetician/Cosmetologist, Certified Herbalist and (self-taught) Aromatherapist. As she followed her path through Beautyland she developed a sensitivity to synthetic fragrances and an aversion to artificial ingredients. The "I can make this" trait was still very strong, so she created her own fragrances using essential oils and made some lovely soothing balms using herbs and oils. She researched and experimented... and smelled good along the way.

After about 20 years of adventuring in Beautyland, Darcy got pregnant. The Fates willed her to stay at home and nurture the new being. She said farewell to Beautyland, but still followed the Path of Beauty. She researched and tested and created some delightful and effective natural remedies. After sharing her herbal deodorant cream with friends and family, they all convinced her to start her own line of herbal remedies. Because everyone deserves to Smell Good Naturally. (and feel and look good naturally, too)

So it goes.
Seelie Herbal Remedies was born on the Autumnal Equinox, 2011.