Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 Happy Earth Day

Growing Wiser Promise to Myself: I will age with grace and fairy magic. I will teach my daughter to recognize natural beauty and find peace with myself in order to reinforce those teachings. By example. Healthy lifestyle. Naturally maintained skin, radiant seelie glow. Dancing swimming skipping playing = fit figure.

It is the day after earth day. The day after my 43rd birthday. Seelie is putting down roots on another coast. Big move. Adjustment.  Full circle we return to the land of our youth. 
Patience. Seelie will thrive. The seeds have been planted and will be well nourished with: sunshine, fresh clean air, ocean breezes and the love of generations.

There is something so refreshing about the smell of magnolias.... lemony and floral and cool, not cloying and sticky. The little sprite loves the magnolia and knows the scent can't be bottled, however that does not mean I won't try and capture a memory of the bloom. And I'm in love with confederate jasmine. Smells like my youth, my backyard and fun frolicking.


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