Sunday, October 9, 2011

natural tints

Using synthetic colors to enhance your natural beauty is so unnecessary... and so very Unseelie. Yes, there are some great arguments for synthetics: vibrant, consistent colors; amazing variety; ease of use. For some folk those are reasons enough. But not for all of us. In these modern times we have re-discovered safe, natural materials to enhance our natural beauty.

These are the natural tints used in Seelie Herbal Remedies.

Alkanet Root - This burgundy colored root has been used for ages to dye all sorts of natural materials, from wool to wood to even wine. The resulting color ranges (plum, red, pink) depending on the method.
It's considered to bring luck, especially in games of chance.... and can help speed the healing of a snake bite.

Annatto Seed - In addition to tinting material a golden-yellow, annatto has been used historically to keep food from spoiling. It has recently been discovered that it also has antioxidant benefits when used on the skin.

Mica - Fine mineral powder that reflects light, providing a shimmery effect.

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