Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumnal Equinox


THEMES: Thanks, Balance, Intuition

Ahh… the long days of Summer are slowly leaving us. The Autumnal Equinox is, like the Vernal (or Spring) Equinox, a time of balance. Both dark and light - day and nite - are equal. Preparing to move into a phase of darkness with the days becoming shorter, we now reap what we’ve sown and use that to sustain us thru the dark times.

The summer is now over, but before we get carried away on an Autumn breeze we should honor the warmth and joy of Summer. Thank the Earth for her bounty, the Sun for his power and ourselves for just being Us. The apple blossomed during spring, turned to fruit during the summer and is now being harvested to sustain us during autumn. What blossomed and fruited for you this year? Is it ready to be harvested? What shall you create with this energy? Maybe you’re ready to take the next step, take a project to the next level – or maybe it’s time to put your skills to use in a new way. What will keep you busy and creative during the long nites to come? Let’s take it over the top with the apple analogy here: think about saving a seed from your apple and nurturing that seed through the winter… readying it for planting next Spring. Yes, everything really is connected – one skill relates to the next, one relationship leads to and prepares you for the next. Gratefulness helps it all to roll along and grow…

Eat, drink and relax. Thank the Earth for her bounty. Give thanks for all the gifts you’ve received this year and for all the supportive friends and family that surround you (they are a gift).

Give some time and thought to the following:

~everything you are thankful for this year

~what you’d like to manifest for yourself or create during the fall and winter

~what you are releasing

~~~(and leave an apple or some other treat out for your local fairies)


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